Season 3 of basketball wives LA premiered on Monday and its already full of drama. We’ve got former lovers arguing with baby mommas, fresh daughters getting put on blast on twitter, long term girlfriends being cool with the thought of their man cheat on them and we have JACKIE!!!!

This season we have a few new people. After Gloria went off and secretly married her longtime love Matt Barnes, the producers were not feeling that. If your on a reality show, Im sure the producers would have wanted to get some footage of that. Oh and let not forget Gloria’s slick comment on the reunion show. She pointed towards the camera and said Let’s be clear I am the reason we have this show. Well I guess the producers told her she is replaceable. They kid Gloria and her sister Laura to the curb.

Jackie , Draya , and Malaysia have returned. Jackie is still Jackie. Draya is living with her new man Orlando Scandrick (never heard of him), the house she lives in is gorgeous and I really think Draya is in love. Malaysia is still married with kids.

The newbies to this season come with some sort of baggage. Here they are………………………..

Brandi Maxeill is married to NBA player Jason Maxiell. Jason is on the Detroit Pistons. Now Brandi was battling cancer at some point in her life and her husband shaved his head with his lovely wife and supported her through the entire process. See that’s LOVE!!!!!

photo courtesy of

Brandi is in LA trying to have a baby, by getting help from a fertility doctor.  Brandi family seems pretty normal, I’m not sure why she is on this show. Unfortunately  Reality TV and positivity don’t mix very well. One the first episode Brandi and this little girl named Brittish  seemed to bump heads.

Brittish Williams is the longtime girlfriend to Lorenzo Gordon, he plays oversees. I have never heard of either one of the people. So lets give them a round of applause on their come up. Yes I said come up, because we are all talking about them, so they must doing something right.

Brittish and her man

I don’t really know what Brittish does, but in the first episode you can see she is a professional at starting trouble.  She confronted Brandi when she started asking Sundy about her daughter , and she asked Draya if she is really a hoe? I’m sure lots of trouble will find her this season.

Then we have Sundy. She is Jackies longtime friend. In the first episode she was having problems with her daughter.I have a feeling Sundy is just going to be Jackie’s sidekick this season and help her beat people up.

Sundy and Jackie

Hold up was Sundy the love interest in the Damon Dash movie State Property? I have to do some research but I will get back to you on that.

This season looks like it is going to be a dozy. You can see this show Monday nights on VH1.


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