REALITY PREMIERE: Celebrity Undercover

Oxygen has a new show called “Celebrity Undercover”, Wendy Williams is the executive producer of the show. So the shows concept is to have one of our favorite celebrities go completely undercover, with make-up, wigs the whole shebang. While undercover they will listen to what people really think about them. It’s like being punk’d, they place you in a staged situation and if you take the bait, you will just look like a hater. I saw the first episode and I will be watching more. Wendy Williams and Kim Kardashian went undercover. To me Wendy’s cover up looked a little scary,  but she definitely was not recognizable. Mission accomplished. Some of Wendy’s fans were hating hard honey. They didn’t buy her book and didn’t think she could sing. They wondered why she was offered a slot on Broadways “Chicago”. SMH!! The hate is real!!!

In Kim Kardashian’s segment these girls were competing for an assistant position with Kim. Little did they know Kim was with them the whole time. Someone tried to offer the girls money to expose Kim, but they were not having it.

I can’t wait to see the LIL KIM episode.

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You can watch Celebrity Undercover on the Oxygen channel. Check your local listings for the air times.


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