Shonda Rhimes for PRESIDENT!!!! Every freaking week she knocks me out with these episodes. #IVEBEENSCANDALIZED

Ok so the show opens up with B613,  the Gladiators and the Fitz  crew going over the soon to be terrorist attack. Then they see this picture of this guy named Domonic. Fitz looks  at Cyrus and says oh no do we have to bring him in. Cyrus says yes. Next thing you know James Brown’s”I’ve got soul” comes on. While the music is playing a man is pimp walking into the gladiators office. Who is this pimp walker? It is the one and only Poppa Pope. He says “How can I be of service Mr. President”?

Poppa Pope starts discussing Momma Pope and her crew’s history. Meanwhile the Langston clan has somethings up their sleeves. They think they know that Mellie and Fitz son is not really Fitz’s son.  (Somebody call Paternity Court) Then this politician dies allegedly of a heart attack and Fitz and Langston prepare to attend the funeral. Not because they care, then really need the votes. The election is in 6 days. But wait there is still a bomb out there.

Huck finds this Dominic guy and  he claims to know nothing about where the bomb is. Olivia wants to know who this man is and Poppa Pope said this is the only man your mother ever loved. So then Poppa Pope kills him. Olivia is pissed at her dad, but she is a gladiator and she has a job to do. Her job is to protect the president and she does.

Huck and and Charlie are bickering over everything, but we all know it’s because they both love Quin. Well Huck wins. Quin and Huck have a steamy, rough sex scene in the parking lot.  While they get it on, Momma Pope walks pays them and confronts Poppa Pope.

Meanwhile Jake finds out why the Politician really died. Momma Pope killed him. She wanted to create the perfect disaster. Being that the politician is dead there will be a funeral and all of the political official will be there. Jake tells Cyrus and just when Cyrus is planning to tell the president he get an idea. He asks his assistant if Sally Langston left for the funeral yet. His assistant says yes and he asked Cyrus why? Cyrus casually replies with a “Ok , no reason”. Cyrus then walks to the presidents office knowing a bomb will soon be going and off ansdsays nothing. He asks the president to read over the eulogy to him, to kill some time.  DAMN CYRUS!!!!

Well Cyrus did say that he will WIN. Fitz will be in the white house for 4 more years. Well I guess Cyrus hasn’t changed a bit. He has lost James and now he is even more lethal than before. This are about to blow up!



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