Boom the bomb goes off!

Sally Langston stays at the wreckage to help the wounded. Not because she cares. Old Sally is going to put on the performance of a lifetime to gain the Presidency.

The media gives Fitz little air time and then completely cuts him off. The tv screens show Sally’s heroic performance.

Fitz is going to lose the race.

Well Poppa Pope survives the brutal stabbing from his estranged wife.

Huck and Quinn were caught screwing while Poppa Popes blood lies on the floor.

Mel’s secret is reviled, and Fitz feels for her. “I fought him ” say Mellie. “I know” says Fitz.

Then Fitz loses his son to bacterial meningitis. Yes people his son died. Due to this recent tragedy Fitz will win.

Mya Pope has killed the presidents son and I don’t think she is finished. Fitz wants her head.

Quinn found Hucks family and Huck freaked out.

Poppa Pope is in charge now and his mission is to kill Mya Pope.

He hasn’t gotten to her yet because she killed Adnan Salif. Harrison is pissed.

Olivia quits immediately.

Oh hell no Poppa Pope had a plan. He kiiled the presidents son and Adnan.

Fitz won the presidency. But Poppa Pope won the world.

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