My favorite time of the year has arrived. The Day time Emmy nominations were announced. That means all of the people on screen and behind will once again be acknowledged for all of their hard work. To put on a great production, means you have to sacrifice everything. It’s a Blood, Sweat and Tear kind of world.  I thank everyone who gets up at 3am to get to work for their 5am call time, all the staff that’s stays in the office past midnight just to get everything right for an hour show. You all are winners in my book.

The nominees are

Outstanding Drama Series

  • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
  • Days of Our Lives (NBC)
  • One Life To Live (TOLN.COM)
  • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

Outstanding New Approach – Drama Series

  • Devanity (
  • Tainted Dreams (YouTube)
  • The Power Inside (YouTube)
  • Veince the Series (

Outstanding Pre-School Series

  • Dino Dan (Nickelodeon)
  • The Fresh Beat Band (Nickelodeon)
  • Sesame Street (PBS)
  • Yo Gabba Gabba (Nickelodeon)

Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animated Program

  • Beware the Batman – “Secrets” (Cartoon Network)
  • The Fairly Odd Parents(Nickelodeon)
  • Kung Fu Panda- “Legends of Awesomeness” (Nickelodeon)
  • Monsters vs. Aliens (Nickelodeon)
  • Turbo Fast (Netflix)

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

  • Dan Vs. (HUB Network)
  • Peter Rabbit (Nickelodeon)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)
  • Transformers Prime Beast Hunters (HUB Network)

Outstanding Culinary Program

  • A Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking (PBS)
  • Beer Geeks (Syndicated)
  • Bobby Flays Barbecue Addiction (Food Network)
  • Giada at Home (Food Network)
  • The Mind of a Chef (PBS)
  • My Grandma’s Ravioli (Cooking Channel)

Outstanding Game Show

  • The American Bible Challenge (Game Show Network)
  • The Chase (Game Show Network)
  • Jeopardy (Syndicated)
  • Lets Make a Deal (CBS)
  • The Price is Right (CBS)
  • Wheel of Fortune (Syndicated)

Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program

  • Divorce Court (Syndicated)
  • Judge Judy (Syndicated)
  • Justice for all with Christina Perez (Syndicated)
  • The People Court (Syndicated)

Outstanding Lifestyle Program

  • America Now (Syndicated)
  • Elbow Room (HGTV)
  • Home and Family (Hallmark Channel)
  • Home Made Simple (OWN)
  • This Old House (PBS)

Outstanding Travel Program

  • Awesome Adventures (Syndicated)
  • Curious Travelers (YouTube)
  • Jack Hanna’s into the Wild (Syndicated)
  • Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Crowin (Syndicated)

Outstanding  Morning Program

  • CBS Sunday Morning (CBS)
  • CBS This Morning (CBS)
  • Good Morning America (ABC)
  • Today Show (NBC)

Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish

  • Despierta (Univision)
  • Un Nuevo Dia (Telemundo)

Outstanding Talk show/Informative

  • The Chew (ABC)
  • The Dr. Oz Show (Syndicated)
  • Dr. Phil (Syndicated)
  • Steve Harvey (Syndicated)

Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment

  • The Ellen DeGeneres  (Syndicated)
  • Live! with Kelly and Michael  (Syndicated)
  • Rachel Ray  (Syndicated)
  • The Talk (CBS)
  • The View (ABC)

Ok so there are a hell of a lot more nomination on here than i thought. I am not typing all of that. So for more nomination please click here

I do feel a few people were snubbed.

The Judge Mathis show should always be nominated for a Daytime Emmy, they make the who legal show format informative and hilarious. Also Paternity court came out with their gloves on, ready to knock the competition out. They also deserve a nomination. The people’s court is boring and when does the Judge Christina Perez show even come on.

All the talk shows that were nominated are apart of my “I must watch this show ” file in my head. Once again the Wendy Williams show was not nominated and you know I am not even mad. I feel that Wendy depends too much on her producers for the TEA and she often reports the stories late or she get the simplest things wrong. Like for instance the other day when Monifah was on she said she remembers Monifah bring her fiancee up to the radio station. SMH Monifah looked at her like she was crazy. “No that wasn’t her” said Monifah. Also we want the hot topics and then maybe some of your input, but not all of it. You often sound like a hater. To everyone who works for Wendy Williams great job, it’s not your fault her delivery and approach is off.  

Moving on…..

Although the Bethenny  Show was cancelled they should have been nominated. Her show was a breath of fresh air. It was new and relevant and I am still shocked that it is over.



Also did you see the original programming on YouTube was nominated too. Time are changing people and I like it.

The Daytime Emmys will air on June 22nd. Check you local listing for additional info.







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