After losing the Harper-Avery Award Dr. Christina Yang has decided to look for the next big thing. While on her journey Christina meets up with her past. Dr. Burke comes face to face with  Dr. Yang. Instead of excitement Yang is annoyed. Talk about getting over the love of your life.

Well Dr. Burke offers Dr. Yang the opportunity of a lifetime. Christina wonders what is this for, does he want her? Just when I thought my dreams were going to come true Shonda Rhymes tricks me again. DAMN IT!!! Dr. Burke says I don’t want you Christina. He shows her a picture of his wife and kids. OH GOD WHY!? My happy ending is ruined. I wanted Burke and Yang to walk off into the sunset together. OH WELL!

So back to the opportunity of a lifetime. Since leaving Dr. Yang behind in her wedding dress, Dr. Burke knew he owed her big time. He want to give her his hospital. What a gift!


Isaiah Washington did a phenomenal job. I truly hope this opens up more doors of opportunity for him. He has come a long way since his days in Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. THis man needs a leading role in a drama series like right now.


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