I’m sure I am not the only person that feels like watching Tori and Dean in their reality show  True Tori is just torture. I can’t stand watching it. Lifetime I think you should compensate everyone who takes the time to give this show some ratings. Because watching it requires some work.

Tori and Dean’s relationship is like a big pimple on your forehead that sticks around and oozes for weeks. Dean has a sex addict. Tori is emotionally disturbed and she has 4 kids to raise. Her relationship with her mom is severed. Dean does bad things that harms his family, then he cries like a bitch about it later. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t crying when he was getting his freak on. UGGGGHHH!

True Tori shows way too much. This can;t be therapeutic for either of them. The poor crew members who had to watch this whole thing played out. They are all going to need counseling.

Lifetime please do the world a favor and cancel this show. Do it for the people! Do it for America! Save us all from watching anymore of this train wreck.

I know if I don’t like it I don’t have to watch it, but in some sick way when I know it’s on I have to take a peek. Every peek i take gets more and more disturbing. I am so done with True Tori.


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