What is the biggest problem every rich person has? Being sued! Looks like millionaires Tyler Perry and Oprah are now dealing with a rich person problem. Apparently a screenwriter by the name of Vanessa Lynn thinks that T&O stole her show idea.  She is claiming that the OWN drama series The Have and Have Nots is based on her screenplay Affairs. Tyler Perry studios and Harpo Productions are  now being sued by Lynn for copyright infringement.

Vanessa Lynn’s screenplay Affairs is about a well know family in a small town, the mother has health issues and the dad was running for mayor. Their daughter Peaches has a friend who has an affair with her father.  Well that sounds like The Have and Have Nots. Lynn wants a credit at the opening of the show.

It’s too damn hot, behind the scenes.

The Have and Have Nots returns to Own on May 27 @ 9pm.


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