Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox is making history. She is the first transgender to cover Time Magazine. Cox is using her new found fame to advocate for equal rights for all.

The Time Magazine article “The Transgender Tipping Point” channels the transgender actress journey through life. She was teased as a child. For a while she didn’t even she was a boy. Many suffer in silence and are afraid to be themselves. Laverene wants every boy or girl to know that they are not alone.

Playing Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, has brought lots of attention to the LGTB and Transgender Community. Here’s how. Laverene’s character Sophia is an inmate in the Litchfield Penitentiary. She was actually a he. He was married to a woman and they have a child. His wife saw the change in him and accepted it. Walla Sophia is born. Then Sophia goes to jail for credit card fraud and instead of being upset, she is right at home. She quickly becomes one of the girls and even takes a job as a hairdresser in the penitentiary.

This is happening today. Many men and women are coming out after living lives that society found acceptable. This is not a problem this is a story. This is their story. No one should live in shame, be who you want to be. This is what Laverene message entails. She wants equal right.

Laverene is leading the way for those who will come behind her.

Side Note: Laverence was also on Diddy’s reality TV show I want to work for Diddy.

She was also a host on the makeover show TRANSform-ME.


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