On last nights episode of Love and Hip Hop ATL, they did a tribute to Debra Antney‘s late son KayO Redd. Unfortunately he committed suicide. He was not happy about the comment’s people would post on the internet about his family. KayO’s famous brother and rapper Waka Flocka was always being talked about, just because he was a star. People tend to be very judgmental these days, and the internet has given everyone a platform to spew their negativity.

Well Debra wants to put a stop to this. So she started the NO RIP MOVEMENT which stands for No Reckless Internet Posting. Many are affected by the words people post everyday. Please join the movement and you can save a life.

To the producers of Love and Hip  Hop, the tribute to KayO Redd was beautiful and powerful. Great job.


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  1. no matter how hard it is deb need to talk about it , she have to get it out over and over again , whether its with a , friend , family member , or specialist nobody knows what she is going through, unless you’ve been through it

    • Grief is hard and it can destroy you. I lost my brother to an act of gun violence, I know it’s totally different from suicide, but I still have not recovered from it or accepted it. My website keeps me connected to my old life. My brother would be proud.

      Thank you Lorraine for your comment. We really appreciate you contribution. You are totally right. Deb speaking about this will be best for her.

  2. i have to give props to this woman for shedding the light on this horrible situation that could have been prevented if people werent so negative. Deb, it is very unfortunate that you had to lose your child to cyber bullying. i have also lost someone to suicide and it was a tragic loss. and i am sorry for yours. my prayers are with you and your family not only through your time of grief but will be in my prayers until the last breathe leaves my body, not because you are famous but because the healing process in regards to losing a child is a lifetime. he may not of been healthy but he will now start to change the world and he will be watching down on you and his other loved ones. again i think this is a wonderful thing that unfortunately came from a tragedy. With respect and well wishes god bless.

    • Thank you Kathryn for your comment. Deb’s fight is our fight. We have to support one another. I know your prayers are comfort to her and everyone.

  3. As massive as the ocean feelings owed to death.

    I grieve with you because I know how it feels to lose a piece of your heart.
    We live , love , learn , and grow. Some make it but, some fall. I mean we all fall short but, you can’t feel my pain. To some people everyday it rains. My condolences goes out to your family. God Bless you all through this horrific tragedy. I send you peace love and may God heal your heart.

    Sending love from New Jersey
    April Williams

  4. It is a shame that we live in a world filled with negativity . People have taken the right of Freedom of Speech to far…. It’s ashame it had to come this far …. Yet please do remember that your son was consuming all of this negativity be caused he LOVED you and your SON so much …My heart goes out to you … This is REAL and it needs to STOP …you guys put your PERSONAL life on the LINE … For our entertainment yet WE forget that we’re no better than the people that put their lives on REALITY TV .. god bless you and your family and may this site allow you to Comfort you that you maybe SAVING another mother /fathers CHILD ….

    You are in a position where you can take this WORKDWIDE … We LOVE you and FLOCKA …. Stay strong and may GOD put his Loving arms around you and give you ever lasting STRENGTH

    Susan Williams

    • Thank you Susan for your comment. You are absolutely right, Deb’s son battled with the negativity and now she deals with the loss of her child. Words hurt and if used the wrong way, they can become deadly. No RIP, No Reckless Internet Posting.

  5. Seems like people think words don’t hurt. Words can kill, if only folks would use their brains. It all really needs to stop. Period. RIP Kay-o. God Bless you Deb, keep your head up. We love ya.

  6. In the bible Matthew 24:13 Jesus says ” But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” It also says that ” Death and life are in the power of the tongue; “And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” Now I watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,and you can’t get anymore reckless than that show. You can’t take any of this crap serious. If a person doesn’t like what people are posting,stay off the internet. Pick up a bible and focus on GOD. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, what matters is what you think of yourself… Bless yourselves, by helping someone else.

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