The glitz of the pageant world is not all glamorous.  We saw the tantrums with the  Toddlers and Tiara’s. Thanks to Bravo we will now see a new docu-series Game of Crowns. The series will follow six mature women, competing on the Mrs. circuit. These women willing to win at all cost. Even if that means putting their mother and wife title to prepare for a local or national beauty queen title.

Meet some of the cast……..

Leha Guilmette

Married for 8 years to a police officer.

Mother of 2 children.

She has won Mrs. Rhode Island America.


Shelley Carbone

A doting wife.

Mother of four.

She has won Mrs. Connecticut 2010 and Mrs. America 2011.


Susanna Paliotta

Children’s Author.

Married with 2 children.

She has won Mrs. Nation USA, Mrs. Massachusetts Perfect Woman and currently Mrs. Rhode Island.

Premiering on Sunday July 13 @ 9:15pm on BRAVO.


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