Total Request Live

Total Request Live (Photo credit: Wikipedi

OMG! Do you remember running home after school to watch MTV’s TRL (Total Request Live). That show was the bomb. I remember seeing Jay-z and Beyonce together for the first time in matching jean outfits on that show. Ohhhhh remember when  Usher went on this random rant about his then wife Tameka on that show. TRL really made my teenage years exciting.

So of course when I heard that MTV was bringing it back I was super excited. YAY! Notice the word WAS. MTV is bring TRL back for one day at it would be revived into TAL, which stands for Total Ariana Live. WTF! This special will air on July 2nd and Ariana Grande will perform and talk to her fans.

ariana grande grammys

ariana grande grammys (Photo credit: wmm4u)

MTV must be feeling the pressure of bring real music shows back to the station. Will you be watching?


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