1INAMILLIONActress Zendaya Coleman was cast to play R&B singer Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie, about the singers life.

Many did not think Zendaya was the right person for the job. Although she had the looks and the singing and dancing talent the negative feedback was heavy. People were saying that Zendaya was not black enough. How rude!! Well Zendaya has now dropped out of the movie. With Aaliyah’s family threatening to stop production because they believe the platform is too small and many critics being very critical, the poor girl didn’t have a chance.

The Aaliyah movie is currently on hold.






    • I didn’t want her to play the part, but not because of her color. Thats just stupid. I didn’t want her to play the part because I thought she was too young and she didn’t know much about Aaliyah. She is already very successful in her Disney lane. She should stay in her lane. I think the part should go to someone up and coming or looking for a career change like Keisha Chante. I didn’t go against anything I said. In my recent post I stated the facts. I didn’t give my opinion this time. SO it’s funny how some black people can’t differentiate an opinion from the facts. I guess the lazy natural is a lazy reader as well. lol

      • What you think is just an ‘opinion’ could have affected her decision, after all, everyone else too was just dropping their ‘opinion’. Its funny how we dont realize negative opinions affect some people because we’re too busy analyzing every little detail, I’m a thorough reader by the way, thank you.

      • I’m pretty sure you’re a thorough reader. That was a joke. Remember you said “it’s funny how”.

        I am pretty sure Zendaya did not base her decision on anything I had to say. Aaliyah’s uncle and cousin publicly announced that they did not like Zendaya as Lifetime’s choice for Aaliyah. Whether I like something or not, the show must go on. GOSIPTV is like my TV journal. I talk about what I want and say how I feel. Don’t take it personal.

        Good for Zendaya dropping out, the Aaliyah movie is creating more drama than anyone expected. Walking away would be the best t hing for her. Her Disney image does not need the headaches.

        I appreciate your feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Next time I will keep in mind that my word may hurt others. Great debate though.

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