As we all expected the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Apollo Nida is going to jail, for the illegal activity he engaged in off the camera. What does this mean for the franchise? Well nothing, the show must go on. Sadly Apollo is just one person they do not have to cut a pay check for. If he actually get pays in the first place.

Unfortunately Apollo will be away in jail for 8 years. His children with is wife Phaedra will be pre-teens when he gets out. I am not sure if the RHOA franchise will last that long, but i surely hope it does. I want the world to see Phaedra Parks bounce back form this.

There have been reports that Phaedra has really been unbothered by Apollo’s legal troubles. What we do know is that Phaedra has signed her contract with BRAVO and she will be back for another season. Yay! Oh and that Kenya Moore has already expressed her views on Apollo’s sentencing.


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