Don’t push me , cause I’m close to the edge. Those are the lyrics that came to my mind when I saw TV ONE’s R&B Divas reunion. As expected Wendy came with some hard hitting questions, but the fans of R&B divas also had some interesting questions as well.

When you hear someone being labeled as a diva, you assume that title means your tough and full of attitude. Well our assumptions are totally wrong.

Singer Angie Stone felt like she was being attacked by the host Wendy Williams. She said her character was being assassinated. See the topic of Angie taking a tour from Syleena came up and it got heated very quickly. Angie’s very handsome boyfriend/manager Ashanti was over heard backstage cursing Angie out and calling her a F-ing Idiot. Well Wendy Williams asked her about it and Angie was not happy. She eventually walked off of the set. When the songstress did return to the stage, she said she is quitting the show. This reaction was done out of emotion and she did not think this through.

I’m pretty sure Angie will return to R&B Divas Atlanta next season.

Do you think Angie should quit the show?


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