I took some time to watch Vh1‘s Drumline: A New Beat and I must say I hated it. Drumline the movie is still 10 times better than the sequel. Although the TV version movie featured some of the movies cast members, there roles were just flat. Nick Cannon came into the movie with this lets get this over with attitude. Leonard Robert’s (Where the hell has he been) who played Sean Taylor the egotistical band-member returns as the bands director. He quarrels with his brother who is also the band director of a rival university. What a crappy story line? Drumline: A New Beat also features Alexandra Shipp played Dani a college freshman with her eye on hitting the field with the A&T University band. Dani defies her parents and attends A&T instead of going to Spellman College. On campus the little drummer girl finds love and drama and blah blah blah. The story line was so predictable and disappointing. IT WAS JUST WACK. I felt like I wasted 2 hours of my life. This makes me wonder if I should even watch Lifetime’s Aaliyah movie. Alexandra Shipp will play the late great R&B songstress and if her acting is anything like it was in Drumline I will be highly disappointed.

The only good thing I will say about this terrible movie is………………………. it created jobs for people. All of the crew and vendors that  were able to earn some cash, all of the D-list celebrities who needed work and all of the interns that were used, I am happy you had the opportunity. Unfortunately we can’t all work on award worth productions (Trust me I know), but hopefully the experience will change your lives in a positive way.



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