When I was first introduced to the Lil Kim brand I was walking down Jamaica Avenue in Queens NY and I saw a poster of a lady wearing a leopard bra and pantie set while swatting down. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I liked it. The words Lil Kim were posted above her head and all I could hear is my momma saying stop looking at that. I had to know who was this Lil Kim and what does she sound like, so when I tricked my mom into giving me money to buy shirt I bought a bootleg Lil Kim cassette tape instead. Once I put the tape in my walkman it was over, I was an instant LiL Kim fan. I have seen her go through many changes in her life and now she is working on claiming her title back. The rap Queen announced her new show as the Black Kardashian. Puffy is back in her life and her new album is in the works. The Queen Bee reality show has not been picked up yet, but I believe that won’t be for long.  Will you be watching.


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