It looks like The View‘s future has gotten a whole lot brighter. After the shake-up in the cast earlier this season, ratings were dropping. I mean the producers were trying their hardest to keep the same spunk the show had in previous seasons. Along with Whoppi  and 3 other co-host the rating still were not doing s well as they would have liked. After Rosie O’Donell;s second departure from the show, the producers were playing a game of musical chairs with multiple guest co-host. Well honey when Raven hit the stage and opened up her mouth it was all over. Almost every episode Raven appeared on she happened to say things that may have offended people or made heir jaws drop. Raven’s outspoken behavior breaks all Huxtable kid stereotypes. Today June 10, 2015 Whoopi Goldberg annoucned that Raven is now a full-time co-host on the daytime talkshow. Bravo!!!!!! This is a great move for the show and I will always tune in now. I look forward to hearing Whoopi, the republican lady, the original Puerto Rican princess and Raven the rebel speak on everything that is worth talking about. I smell an Emmy coming soon.


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