Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Well yes, you can find Sesame Street on the HBO channel. The public television production has joined forces with the major cable network, for a 5 year deal. HBO will air the next five season of Sesame Street, but instead of an hour long program it will be condensed down to 30 minutes. Many parents are not feeling the new business deal, because it now means they will have to pay to see the show. Well they are kind of right? The she will still air on PBS but from now until the Fall they will all be old episodes. Nine months after the new episodes air on HBO they will then air on the Public access stations. This is great fro Sesame street because they show was having trouble with funding. PBS only provides 10% of the budget for Sesame Street, the rest of the funding comes from merchandising.  Hey you have to find a way to pay the bills and this deal will definitely pay the bills.


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