Founder: Capri Pillow

Media Freelancer 



Straight out of Hollis, Queens Capri Pillow always knew that she wanted to work in production. From the moment she witnessed Hype William’s in action on the set of a Ja Rule video. It was apparent to her that her calling was video production. After high school she  attended CUNY’s Bronx Community College and CUNY’s Brooklyn College. She earned her A.A.S in Media Technology and her B.A. in TV/Radio production.

While interning at The Maury Show, she gained an interest in talk show’s. The hustle and bustle of such a production gave Capri an adrenaline rush. So she continued to pursue a career in television. Working for Street Court, The Tyra Show and various independent productions gave her great satisfaction, but she wanted more. So her love for television and writing gave her the idea to start a website just about that. GOSSIP TV was already taken, so Capri decided to drop an S and wallah GO Sip TV was created. Capri is always on the Go, she Sips lots of coffee, and watches lots of TV. #cornysummarybutfunny 

Capri Plans to create a web series for 2015. Until then continue to get the latest updates about your favorite TV shows on GOSIPTV.COM          



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    • Your words are powerful. I had to follow you. Your future looks very bright. Keep writing. #youratruetalent

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